Welcome to Our Institute of Value Education for dominance improvement and competency.

Our Endeavour is to impart a comprehensive way of training that help the children in grasping the technique easily and effectively. Our experienced teachers have mastered the techniques and refined the process to suit our present system of education. We believe in propagating a value added system of education with a view to empower the student to scale new heights of success. We trust in building a powerful student who could dominate, progress and develop competency to face the toughest challenge. Our systematic and progressive teaching will help the children to learn in an interesting way.

The V.E.D.I.C. started with the motto 'Empowering to Scale new Heights'. At Vedic our vision is to have all activities under one roof that could benefit a child.

Vedic Provides,..

1. Open ended art activities.
2. Significant blocks of time for children to work in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere.
3. Encourage spontaneous exploration.
4. Respect children's creativity.
5. Vedic helps children to come up with new ideas, think of new ways to use every day items in exercising creativity.

We conduct workshops in the following,

1. Kool Maths (Short cut ways in maths)
2. Clay modeling
3. Personality development
4. Time management
5. Creativity
6. Leadership quality
7. Self motivation
8. English grammar
9. Flower making
10. Glass painting

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